About Us

Elite H20 designs, produces, and delivers private label Natural Artesian Water. Our Artesian Water flows from a protected aquifer in Oxford Wisconsin. This pristine water was the Gold Medal Winner at the 2006 Berkely Springs International Water Tasting Championships. Great care is taken to protect its crisp, natural state, as we bottle it right at the source. Nothing tastes better then a cool Artesian bottled water.

Our in house graphic design staff works with you to design your own unique label. Our labels are constructed of polypropylene, making them scratch and water proof. Because the labels are pressure sensitive, they won`t come off submerged in ice. Our labels are printed in house, using state of the art Thermal Transfer Technology. Our staff will make the design process a very easy one.

We also offer sequential labeling. You can put the names of guests or clients on individual bottles. You can also individually number bottles for promotional drawings. Let Elite H2O help you Make a Splash! Give us a call today.